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How can a small Game-Changing Pump Revolutionise the Beauty Industry?

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How can a Small Game-Changing Pump Revolutionise the Beauty Industry?

In this blog, we’ll explore how Quantex’s game-changing pump technology can provide a radical new hygienic, easy-to-use, cost-saving and sustainable pumping solution that could impact the beauty industry in a number of ways.

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Recyclable pumps

Quantex pumps are unique and are currently the subject of 128 global patents. They are positive displacement rotary pumps that can be manufactured so inexpensively that they can be considered as part of the disposable liquid pack.

We have a wide range of pump sizes with a minimum resolution down to 1ul for the smallest pump and up to a flow rate of 26ml/s for the largest pump. Typically a dose accuracy of better than +/- 5% is to be expected across the range of pump sizes.  We also provide expert open innovation services for custom pump designs based upon our patented technology.

Quantex pumps handle a high range of viscosities from water (1cP)  to >100,000cP, with the ability to pump particulates and suspensions and perform dilution and mixing in-pump. Our pumps enable our customers to take water out of their distribution channels.

All Quantex pumps can be configured as pressure-regulated pumps or high-pressure pumps with operating pressures up to 5bar. The pump acts as an instantaneous check valve, therefore no fluid flows through the pump unless it is rotating.

The pump forming part of the fluid pack ensures that the fluid never needs to pass through the dispenser equipment.  This means that exchanging one fluid with another does not cause cross-contamination and reduces cleaning and maintenance procedures.

The pump and the dispenser can be a tied system, ensuring that competitors’ products cannot go through your machine, thus protecting your brand.

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