Drug Delivery IoT Devices powered by smartphone apps for ambulatory infusions enabled by Quantex micro-pumps

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Smartphone powered drug delivery IoT platform, enabled by Quantex single-use precision pumps

Quantex will be at COMPAMED 2019, introducing three brand new devices belonging to our smartphone powered Quantex 4C Drug Delivery IoT Platform. Join us at Booth #8AG11 for a live demo of the platform in action. Quantex 4C is a mobile-app powered infusion device which enables patients to accurately infuse at home with more control […]

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Disposable pump

The single-use Quantex pump provides accurate dispensing at low cost. The pump can be part of the packaging and is disposed of at the end of the liquid pack.

The high precision and functionality of the pump allows it to be used in a wide range of markets including medical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, consumer and industrial. See the boxes/links below for more information on the Quantex single-use pumping solutions by market sector.

Quantex produce a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ pumps. See our product catalogue for more information. We also provide a custom pump design service. This allows you to incorporate a pump that only works with your dispenser whilst also locking-in your customer. Please see our open innovation page for more information on custom fittings and custom pumps and typical dispense systems.

See our product catalogue for more details

Product Catalogue


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