Winter 2019 Newsletter

Now we can successfully pump liquids up to 250,000cP

Recent test results in our laboratories have confirmed that our LR20, BIB19, and even our LR13 pumps can successfully dispense liquids up to the consistency of Peanut Butter – which has a viscosity around 250,000cP!
The reason that we can achieve this is due to our Quantex disposable pumps comprising of a positive displacement rotary action, which generates a high inlet vacuum and high pressure feedback loop on the outlet. Quantex pumps are so inexpensive that they can be considered as part of the disposable packaging, so they perform reliably and consistently for the duration of their pack-lives.


Quantex 4C Drug Delivery Platform at MD&M West, LA

We had a fantastic show at MD&M West at the beginning of February. We had a plethora of blue-chip Pharma companies showing interest in our exciting new mobile-app controlled drug delivery IoT device, Quantex 4C.

Patients can self-infuse, at home, using a smartphone app that is pre-programmed by the doctor.  With the capacity to infuse up to 100ml with just one AA battery, over any time period from 1hr to 1 week at any flow rate from 0.5ml/hr to 100ml/hr,  most therapies can be administered. The doctor can monitor data from the infusions remotely and Pharma companies can harvest depersonalised data to improve product, compliance and user-experience. The drug and the device can also be a tied system, for brand protection and is compatible with standard vials and bags.

Fresh Blends® game-changing frozen drinks platform is “What’s hot, what’s cool, what works!” at NAFEM, Orlando

We visited NAFEM in Orlando last week and it was a fantastic show. Several of our global customers were showcasing their unique food and beverage dispensing machines. Each one has ground-breaking capabilities, enabled by our Quantex disposable range of pumps. One of our customers, Fresh Blends® supported by Multiplex, was featured in NAFEM’s “What’s hot, what’s cool, what works” section and was (literally) causing a stir!

…We are proud to have a Fresh Blends machine here in our London Quantex offices, which is being used for demos to European customers, so please contact to arrange a demo, or if you are interested in our Quantex range of disposable pumps, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

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