New range of smartphone-controlled IoT devices at PODD 2019

Quantex Arc 4C Drug Delivery Devices Mockup

Quantex Arc 4C Drug Delivery Devices Mockup

Introducing three brand new devices belonging to our smartphone powered Quantex 4C Drug Delivery IoT Platform. Join us for a talk by Rachel An, Medical Device Manager, on October 7 at 5:00pm, on Track 3B at PODD 2019. Rachel will be presenting these devices for the first time, describing their unique capabilities and possible use-cases. Or visit us at Booth #3 for a live demo of the platform in action.

Quantex 4C is a mobile-app powered infusion device which enables patients to accurately infuse at home with more control and comfort, whilst HCPs can view cloud-data in real-time and Pharma companies can analyse de-personalised data for valuable business insight.

Our mid-range device (Quantex 4C) handles flow-rates up to 110ml/hr, and volumes up to 100ml with a single charge. The device uses bluetooth (BLE) and near-field-communication (NFC) and features our CS-3 micro-pump.

Quantex 4C Lite is smaller than a matchbox. It has shrunk by 50%, and is lighter and simpler. It uses NFC only and is so inexpensive to manufacture that both the pump AND the device can be considered entirely disposable. Quantex 4C Lite showcases just how small, light-weight, uncomplicated and disposable the platform can be, which opens up doors to many other applications. Also featuring our CS-3 pump, it’s maximum flow rate is 8ml/hr and it can infuse single volumes up to 10ml.

Quantex 4C Hi-Flo handles flow rates up to 2400ml/hr, yet is still small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Designed for bed-side infusions, this device features our CS-6 pump which handles higher flow rates and volumes up to 1.5L.

If you are interested to learn more about our Quantex 4C Drug Delivery IoT Platform, or our range of single-use precision pumps, and are not attending PODD, please contact us at or call +44 (0)208 735 5880.

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