New 6 Axis Robot has Increased Pump Production by Over 70%

We have a brand new state-of-the-art robot that has joined the production line in our pump manufacturing facilities. This high-tech piece of equipment uses a 6 axis swivel, and carefully removes the mouldings from the press. It places them on a tiered rack for cooling and carries out integrity tests. This ensures that all of the pumps’ housings are quality checked before they reach the assembly line where other components of the pumps are brought together. This minimises waste and means that all pumps are air-pressure tested twice before they meet our exacting requirements and approved to leave the factory. The automation of this process has enabled an extra 10 hours of lights-out production, and production capacity has increased by over 70%. The robot is also capable of vision inspection which will be implemented in the near future. Our dedicated manufacturing partner, CTA, is in the process of expanding specifically to build our entire range of pumps and meet the increasing demands from our Quantex customers in Food & Beverage, Medical & Pharmaceutical and Consumer & Industrial sectors.

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