Quantex Awarded “Top 50 Admired Companies to Watch 2020”

Quantex is proud to announce that it has been recognised as one of the “Top 50 Admired Companies of the year 2020” by CEO Views. The award is underpinned by the notion that Quantex is disrupting industries and driving innovation, despite the drawbacks we’ve all experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Views says “By understanding and analysing the situation it is the responsibility of every organisation, irrespective of the industry, to upgrade their business systems to watch the new normal. And this is the only key to emerge as an admired company through this pandemic crisis.”

Alongside our suite of catalogue pumps which is ever expanding and evolving, we have launched some game-changing fluid delivery systems which demonstrate the capability of our pumps and their unique qualities and benefits. The first example of this is Quantex 4C: a smartphone controlled drug delivery/enteral feeding reference platform to help fast-track pharmaceutical companies into connected remote healthcare. Secondly, we are in the process of launching our ‘Quantex Eco-Freedom Sprayer’ which is a reusable device that replaces aerosols and eliminates harmful propellant gases. Quantex has a full roadmap of new product innovations surrounding our core recyclable pump technology scheduled for the rest of 2020 and throughout 2021, and our team is always looking for the next application and industry to disrupt.

Ben Johnson, Managing Editor of CEO Views says “It’s a great honour to announce Quantex as one of the top 50 Admired Companies of the year 2020”, as it is indeed for our whole team to have been recognised.

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Quantex Article CEO Views Sept 2020

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