Introducing the QX-13 – Combining the Best Attributes for an Optimum Pump.

R&D is core to our business and we are continually striving to improve our technology. So, using know-how and experience gained over many years, the design of our new QX-13 pump combines all of the best features from our entire range of pumps. The new QX-13 will replace both the LR-13 and AM-13 and here’s why:

  1. The QX-13 is more suitable for high volume manufacture and is easier to assemble.
  2. It has a built-in check valve capability that prevents drips but is also capable of passing particulates such as cells, seeds or food pieces.
  3. The QX-13’s clip feature means that it is even easier to mount on the enduring equipment and align with the motor drive. Due to the clip mechanism being on the pump instead of the chassis, the wearing element now forms part of the disposable instead of the enduring equipment. This means that the chassis is simpler to manufacture, easier to clean with no moving parts to service.
  4. There is now even greater flexibility to attach custom fittings on the inlet and outlet, such as hose barbs, elbows, flow laminators etc thus helping our customers integrate the pumps into their equipment whilst ‘locking’ the consumable to the customer’s equipment to prevent unintended interoperability.

Like other Quantex pumps, the QX-13 also comes in High Pressure, Dilution and a new Eco version, which is 100% recyclable and over 11% lighter.

Quantex has invested in multi-cavity tooling and a brand new auto-assembly line, (which is over 10 metres long), capable of producing 3.5 million pumps per year. The QX-13 is available in batch quantities now and volume production from January 2021.

Special thanks to our dedicated manufacturing partner, CTA, and assembly line supplier, Applied Automation for all of their hard work.

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