Ready for 2021. New Plans, New Products, New Year!

2020 has certainly been a challenging year for everyone, but throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Quantex has been fortunate enough to be able to continue with business-as-usual, for which we are very grateful. We have mainly been focusing our efforts in R&D, and scaling up for high volume manufacture. As 2020 comes to a close, we would like to reflect back on our achievements this year, and why we are looking forward to 2021 with great excitement.

2020 Achievements

Product Innovation

  • In August this year, we completed prototyping of our groundbreaking Eco Freedom Sprayer, which will be publicly launched in 2021. Our high-pressure QX-13 pumps, that generate pressures up to 5 bar, can produce a fine, powerful and even spray at the touch of a button with a spray quality similar to a gas propelled aerosol.  Fluid products contained in lightweight pouches or bag-in-box packaging can be easily clipped in and out of a rechargeable handle (similar in size to a small power drill). Applications for the sprayer span several different industries, including garden care, paint, industrial cleaning and vehicle maintenance. Videos targeting these different industries have excited several global leaders who are ready to disrupt their industries, eliminate aerosols, saving gigatons of single-use plastic waste, reducing shipping weight/volume and improving the consumer experience. Join our Quarterly Newsletter to be kept up-to-date with the Eco Freedom Sprayer’s official launch.

  • During 2020, we have made improvements to our Drug Delivery IoT Reference Platform, Quantex 4C. This smartphone compatible set of compact devices are programmable by healthcare professionals who can monitor patients infusions remotely in realtime, whilst pharmaceutical companies can gain valuable insight from depersonalised data. Quantex 4C is designed accelerate entry to market, by providing a reference platform from which pharmaceutical companies can develop and customise for their bespoke drug requirements. This year, we have added the ability for one phone to operate multiple devices which is finding applications in veterinary. Click here to learn more about Quantex 4C.

Pump technology developments

  • New QX-13 pump is the result of 10 years of R&D and manufacturing knowhow and optimised for volume production. The QX-13 will replace both the LR-13 and AM-13. If you would like to know why click here.
  • Our new version of the LR-20 pump with its quick release feature not only makes connection and disconnection of the pumps into the equipment easier, but it also simplifies the chassis, making it easier to clean and eliminating any moving parts.
  • 2020, is also the year that we succeeded in making 100% recyclable Eco pumps. These Eco pumps are 12% lighter on average and are already in demand. Read our Eco Pump article to find out how we achieved 100% recyclability.

High volume manufacturing

  • During 2020, an evidence-based tool validation system to meet medical standards has been implemented at CTA (our manufacturing partner).
  • We have invested heavily in assembly automation for both the BIB-19 and Qx-13 pumps supplemented with several new customised Fanuc injection moulding machines with machine-side robotic unloading and testing.

Other achievements

Following Quantex’s inclusion in the “Top 50 Admired Companies to Watch 2020” by CEO Reviews Magazine, we have been informed of three further awards that Quantex will be receiving for 2020. These will be announced in Q1 2021.

Innovation Forecast for 2021

Below are a few of the exciting product developments scheduled for 2021.

Continuous flow pump QX-10

Our pumps have a high frequency, low amplitude pulsate output but, particularly for drug delivery or enteral feeding, a smooth continuous flow would be desirable . Quantex has developed a new continuous flow pump with a flow rate range from 0 – 2.5ml/s.  This flow rate range bridges between our CS-6 and QX-13 pumps. The Continuous Flow QX-10 will be available in Standard, High Pressure and Eco versions.   Also it will be our first pump to feature an enhanced vacuum capability (>12psi negative pressure) and an integrated pressure bypass valve to control the maximum output pressure.

Refill dispensing machines for supermarkets

Many large supermarkets are trialing sustainable, packaging-free goods but are generally limited to dry foods only. The challenge with liquids is how to accurately dispense without needing several different dispensers.  The ability for Quantex pumps to pump any liquid typically sold in a supermarket, coupled with the fact that the pumps are fitted to the liquid packs, means any product can be dispensed by the same equipment.  No cross contamination between different fluids, one maintenance contract and no need for consumers to learn several different user interfaces. From detergents to shampoo to fruit juices to milk – all is possible with Quantex technology.

Highly concentrated laundry detergent packaging for auto-dosing into washing machines

Imagine if your 2.5L bottle of laundry detergent could shrink to something that is only the size of a tube of toothpaste? Quantex is providing a solution for auto-dosing in washing machines, where a sealed cartridge of concentrated liquid, with an integrated QX-10 Eco dilution pump is inserted directly into the machine. Using pack recognition, the machine automatically knows the concentration of the detergent or fabric softener and, coupled with load sensing and wash program, can determine exactly how much to use.  Huge savings in environmentally harmful chemicals are possible together with a massive reduction in plastic waste and shipping costs.  All this with a much improved consumer experience. Read more >

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May your festive season be full of much needed cheer and wishing you the very best for 2021, from all of us at Quantex.

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