Quantex company 2022 Round-up

As the year is coming to its close, we’ve been reflecting on what has been an exceptional year of change at Quantex. Change that has kept us busy, laying foundations for rapid growth in 2023 and beyond. With everything that’s evolved, we’ve learnt so much, and we wanted to share with you, our Quantex company 2022 round-up.

Following our successful acquisition by PSG®, an operating company of Dover Corporation, we started the year with continued integration efforts. For the original Quantex team, it has been fantastic to benefit from the ‘one company’ culture of PSG. With 1,600+ employees around the world, many collaborative conversations have taken place, and we’re delighted that the merging of companies has been both seamless and fruitful.

With the support of PSG behind us, and thanks to the hard work from the team, we’ve not only increased our manufacturing capacity by over 100%, but it’s been successfully matched by sales growth.

Our website has recently undergone a few minor cosmetic changes to reflect this new ownership, and you may have also recently read that we’ve chosen to change our pump names. This has been driven by important customer feedback to help make finding the right pump easier. Pump family names will be labelled for microdosinglow-flowbag-in-box or high-flow applications. The new names also bring Quantex game-changing pumps in line with the naming convention used by other PSG brands such as Quattroflow. With exciting future collaborations in the pipeline with our sister brands, it makes sense to make this important change now.

The Quantex company product team are delighted that we have successfully established Quantex at the core of liquid refill dispenser innovation for supermarkets with several original equipment manufacturers. Quantex recyclable pump technology has allowed the creation of the next generation of liquid refill machines in supermarkets that have a smaller footprint and price-tag, require no cleaning, calibration or maintenance, enable rapid product replenishment and accurate dosing with no drips.

Following this success, we’ve had an increase in followers to our Quantex Company LinkedIn page where we regularly share relevant news and updates as well as an increase in views of our product pump demonstration videos.

When it comes to tradeshows, we had two notable events:

Packaging Innovations & Empack – Birmingham, UK 

At this show, not only did we exhibit, but our very own Director of Marketing, Gillian Harding-Moore gave a well-received presentation on ‘The Future of Liquid Refill in Supermarkets – The Answer to Rolling Out at Scale’ and how the future is bright for bulk dispensing with a recyclable ECO pump by Quantex.

Drinktec – Munich, Germany

Here, Gillian and our Product Manager, Philip Medcalf walked the show and observed future trends and innovations, and met with other companies who also want to make the world a better and more sustainable place. One of our valued customers, Fresh Blends showcased its Quantex-enabled Frozen Beverage IoT Platform called ‘The Smoothie Robot’ which was a great hit supplying all-natural smoothies, shakes, lemonades, coffee and frappes made to order.

Finally, to end our successful year, we moved our Head Office to Duisburg in Germany due to new product expansion and Quantex growth. The move improves and expands our manufacturing facilities, joining our sister PSG brands; Almatec, Hydro, and Quattroflow.

Needless to say, it’s been a very busy and prosperous year for the Quantex company team and with everything we have in our pipeline, we are looking forward to our continued success in 2023.

We wish you and your family a relaxing and joyful time for the holiday season and New Year celebrations.

If you’d like to learn more about Quantex, our products and our production line, please contact us by emailing quantex-info@PSGDover.com or calling +49 (2065) 89205-0 where our knowledgeable team will be able to assist you.

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