Quantex launches its first commercial pump driver: Q-Drive-Alpha

Quantex is excited to announce the official launch of its brand-new pump driver device, the Q-Drive-Alpha. Until now, Quantex has offered driver device equipment for evaluation purposes only, and these kits require separate tablet software to control, but the Q-Drive Alpha is an easy-to-use, CE marked, plug-and-play system, providing a stand-alone dispenser that can be used both for pump evaluation as well as for commercial use in production or laboratories. 

The Q-Drive-Alpha drives two of the Quantex pumps: the Microdosing QX2 pump and the Low Flow QX25-SD and QX25-HP pumps. With an integrated full-colour 7” touch screen, this plug and play driver is simple to programme (and re-programme), and, in a few intuitive taps, it is possible to run the pumps at a variety of speeds for different flow rates or set dose volumes, with reverse cycling and self-priming functions.Phil Medcalf, Product Manager at Quantex explains “We are thrilled to be launching the Q-Drive-Alpha since it meets a key requirement for our customers who need a simple and easy-to-use system to run our pumps. This device will help to speed up the adoption of Quantex technology into our customer’s flow-control processes, both in food and beverage, industrial and biopharma applications.”

Jonathan Ford, Quantex’s Engineering Director adds “The Q-Drive-Alpha design and development was realised very efficiently by the engineering team due to our long-standing expertise on the ideal motors, connection, and driver software for our pumps — and I’m proud that the finished result has a carefully considered and intuitive user interface to maximise the ease of use for our customers.”

Features and Benefits

  • Plug and play, easy-to-use
  • Integrated driver and screen for direct control
  • Able to run both Microdosing and Low Flow Pumps (SD and HP models)
  • Select and change your flow rate as desired
  • Reverse cycle & self-prime functions


Speed / Flow RateSelect flow rate either as motor rps/rpm or ml/min
Dose VolumeSelect dose volume either in ml/L or pump revolutions
LoopsProgram multiple loops for duty cycle running
Loop PauseSelect pause time for multiple cycle running
CalibrationModify dispense volume calibration factor
Reverse Motor DriveEnd of dose reversing, pressure venting
Pump SelectorChoose between two product families
Prime ModeDirect control of motor for self priming at multiple speeds
Programmable MemorySave 8 programs per pump

If you are interested in purchasing the Q-Drive-Alpha or would like to learn more, download the full Q-Drive-Alpha brochure here and contact us. We will be very happy to answer your questions.


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