Quantex wins outstanding achievement award 

Quantex wins outstanding achievement award  with Food and Drink Matters publication

We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently won the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ from the prestigious Food & Drink Matters publication. Following an exceptional year, Food & Drink Matters quoted that “Quantex pioneering technology is changing the game across multiple sectors”. 

Featured in publication issue number 167 (page 11), our Director of Marketing – Gillian Harding-Moore shared some details about a bright future for Quantex, with exciting progressive projects planned over the next few years. These includes additional support for our Bulk Dispense Refill OEM customers who are working with Quantex to pioneer systems for consumers to refill reusable bottles to save single-use plastic waste. The shared goal is to develop and establish an optimum, standardised platform for retailers, combining enhanced user experience with IoT technology, with streamlined shop-floor maintenance and easy supply chain adjustment. Gillian quotes within the publication that “Quantex pumps are for single-pack-use and, therefore provide a particularly hygienic solution, especially with possible aseptic versions of the pumps. Cleaning is eliminated since no product travels through the fixed machine and calibration is not necessary since the pump is continuously replaced. In addition, multiple products can be swapped in and out of the same channels with no cross-contamination. Furthermore, high vacuum capability means self-priming, better bag evacuation/less waste, and highly viscous fluids can be pumped successfully. Usability is improved by the reverse cycling of the pumps allowing the dispenser to suck the product back in to eliminate drips and provide a clean dispense”.  

Quantex Pump Technology Optimising the Manufacturing Industry

In more recent news, we’ve been busy refining these existing, excellent pumps even further, as Gillian explains, “We have a number of exciting new products in the pipeline for 2023-2024” including our new High-Speed Eco pumps: 

These High-Speed Eco pumps use air pressure to activate the diaphragm and seal the pumps instead of a silicone spring, so they are more easily recycled and can run almost three times as fast as our standard or high-pressure pumps.  

We have also recently launched our first ever pump-driver for commercial use, the Q-Drive-Alpha. Until now, we offered drives for evaluation purposes only, but this CE marked drive is far easier to use than our evaluation only models and is provides a plug and play system that enables our customers to evaluate and transfer fluids within their systems straight away.  

Looking back, 2022 saw the move of our Head Office and some of our manufacturing facilities to Duisburg in Germany, joining our PSG sister brands: Quattroflow (part of PSG Biotech), Almatec and Hydro, which will make future collaborations even easier. An example of this is already underway with our recent partnership with PSG Biotech’s Quattroflow to develop the Quantex technology’s growth within the bioprocessing industry.  

At this established and quality-assured facility, we have more resources and manufacturing facilities, including 380msq of ISO 7-certified clean room facilities. Having doubled pump production from 2021-2022 through increased manufacturing, the Quantex team are set to continue to grow over the coming years with a further automated assembly line. This is planned for the Bag-in-Box pumps, where it is expected that the pump production capability will triple in 2023. We also hope to further grow our industrial applications, where our pumps are used to reduce downtime for cleaning and maintenance in manufacturing lines. 

Quantex Growth

Reaching over 20,000 targeted businesses per issue, Food & Drink Matters is circulated to decision-makers involved in the UK’s food and drink markets, so we’re delighted to have been selected for this award. With 128 recognised global patents, Quantex is a renowned cutting-edge provider of recyclable pump technology. We have a range of off-the-shelf pump families, including variants such as High Pressure, Dilution, and High-Speed versions, with a variety of standard fittings that accurately dose at different flow rates to suit a variety of fluid transfer requirements. See our full range here.

If you’d like to learn more or discuss how a Quantex pump could work for your fluid delivery system, please email quantex-info@psgdover.com or call +49 (2065) 89205-0. 

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