PSG Biotech’s Quattroflow launches a new single-use micropump, the QB2-SD.

PSG Dover has combined all of its premier intellectual property for the biopharma market under one umbrella, ‘PSG Biotech’, to provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products that is delighting the industry with cutting-edge flow-control solutions from development to commercial scale. Back in June 2023, we announced our product integration with PSG Biotech’s well-established biopharma pump brand, Quattroflow, to develop our Quantex single-use microdosing technology for the biopharma market. 

Quattroflow’s heart-mimicking, low shear, low pulsation, high turndown four-piston diaphragm pumps are the market-leading pump technology used in over 50 countries worldwide, for the gentle transfer of delicate biologics in many downstream applications including Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) and Chromatography. With this deep understanding of the global market, regulations and technical manufacturing requirements, the expert Quattroflow team at PSG Biotech know what it takes to develop the Quantex Microdosing pump into a biopharma certified, market-ready product. 

We’re now delighted to report that this integration with our sister PSG Dover brand, Quattroflow has successfully progressed with the launch of the first of a brand new line of ‘QB’ pumps based on our Quantex single-use rotary pump technology. The brand-new QB2-SD pump sits within PSG Biotech Quattroflow’s portfolio of flow control solutions for the biopharma industry.

Developments achieved include some vital material changes to the QB2-SD which mean that it can be gamma irradiated at 50kGy and materials meet USP <88> Class VI regulations. Rigorous tests have been carried out and the QB2-SD is now certified for the following standard biopharma regulations:

  • Particulate Testing (Sub-visible testing per USP 788) 
  • Microbial Ingress 
  • Endotoxin (USP 85)
  • Bioburden (ISO 11737-1)Quantex Growth factory producing
PSG Biotech ISO Class 7 cleanrooms in Duisburg, Germany, where the full range of Quattroflow ‘QF’ and ‘QB2-SD’ pumps are manufactured.


The QB2-SD brings the PSG Biotech Quattroflow offering into new areas within the biopharma process: whereas the four-piston diaphragm pump range is popular in downstream/larger-scale manufacture, the single-use QB2-SD pump microdoses for very low flow applications – more appropriate in cell & gene therapy, laboratories or small-scale upstream and downstream applications. The QB2-SD uses an entirely different pumping method: a positive displacement rotary action, which, apart from also being gentle on biologics, means that the pump draws a high vacuum, is highly compact with a low hold-up volume and is bi-directional. 

QB2-SD Features and Benefits:

  • Single-use – rapid changeovers with no cross-contamination 
  • Lightweight, compact design – saving valuable space 
  • Dosing with a minimum flowrate of 75μl/s (at 1rps) – for precision microdosing 
  • Suitable for single transfer of cells with low shear – protecting product integrity 
  • Self-priming, high vacuum capabilities – for positioning flexibility & higher product recovery 
  • Low hold-up volume – for minimum product waste
  • Bi-directional pumping – avoids drips during filling 
  • Easy installation/operation – for fast and error-proof handling
  • Gamma compatible up to 1 x 50kGy – compatible with standard sterilisation methods
  • USP <88> Class VI certified materials – ensuring biocompatibility

Should you have any questions relating to the QB range, please contact the PSG Biotech Quattroflow team by phone +49 (2065) 89205-0 or email

For any non-biopharma Quantex-related questions, you can contact us by calling +49 (2065) 89205-0 or email

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