Bulk Liquid Refill Dispensers Enabled by Game-Changing Recyclable Pumps

Bulk Dispense Refill Overview

Quantex recyclable pumps are revolutionising the bulk dispense liquid refill market for supermarkets.

With a range of pumps that can dispense virtually any liquid you can find in a supermarket – including viscous products like mayonnaise, spreads, viscous concentrates, and thick hair conditioner, or aggressive fluids like bleach – our range of recyclable Quantex pumps provide retailers with a convenient, easy to use, hygienic pumping system with quick product changeovers, no cleaning, no calibration and accurate, drip-free dispensing.

Below are some links to videos showing Quantex pumps dispensing a variety of products: 


There are four families of off-the-shelf Quantex pumps ranging from Microdosing to Low Flow to Bag-In Box to High-Flow pumps. The Microdosing pump can dose as little as 24uL at a time, and our largest ‘High Flow – High Speed Eco’ pump can achieve flowrates of 267L/hour or 4.45L/min or 74mL/second. Such a flowrate spectrum meets the varying dispense volume demands of a vast range of Food & Beverage, Body Care and Homecare products. The flexibility of the technology available means that it is possible to create a standardised, generic system for brands and their fillers/packers in the supply chain.

The pumps can be supplied with (and already attached to) the bulk product’s pouch, bottle or bag. The connection flange of the Bag In Box pump range is designed to exactly fit and replace a ~1” Vitop tap – the sort you will find on a bag-in-box of wine: but instead of pressing the tap and the product dribbling out using gravity, the pumps are clipped into a simple motor drive to run fluids at various speeds with accurate dosing. 

Liquid Product Bag with Quantex Bag-in-Box Pump attached

Other pumps in our range can easily be connected to product packaging using a selection of standard or custom connectors and fittings. When the supply runs out, the retailer simply removes and replaces the entire pack with a new pouch/cartridge/bottle/bag with a new Quantex recyclable pump attached. Because the pumps are replaced with each new product’s primary pack, the pumps never need calibrating, greatly reducing maintenance costs. It also means that no product runs through the fixed parts of the machine, and there are no reusable pump parts to disassemble and clean, which improves hygiene, reduces dispenser downtime and minimises staff training costs. 

Products can be swapped in and out of dispenser channels with no cross-contamination and, by using RFID, NFC chips or bar codes on the pumps/pack, the machine can automatically know what the product is, its sell-by date, and how fast to run the motor to drive the pumps. By counting the number of revolutions of the motor, brands can monitor how much product is being dispensed in real-time via an IoT data cloud-server.

Quantex pumps have a high vacuum capability and can generate up to -13psi which means that they are self-priming and it is possible to pump a product up from approximately two floors below and send it up twelve stories high, giving retailers greater flexibility in the configuration of the pump and bag in the dispenser.

To achieve a drip-free dispense, the pumps can reverse-cycle meaning that they can suck product back up into the pump and, in combination with a cross-slit (or similar) valve, the nozzle and drip tray can stay clean and dry, minimising cleaning and the risk of a consumer slipping over. Because the Quantex pumps are for single-pack use, they meet retailer’s strict regulations for dispensing dairy products, where hygiene is of optimal concern. The video below shows Quantex pumps dispensing yoghurt using its reverse cycle function and a cross-slit valve.


With Quantex Dilution pumps, brands have the opportunity to use high concentrations, and water can be added at the in-store point of dispense – reducing the financial and environmental cost of shipping water around the planet. The Dilution pumps have an extra inlet for water and the concentrate is mixed accurately inside the pump, dispensing syrups or juice, for example, with no stratification. The video below shows the dispensing of concentrated juices diluted with water with our Quantex Dilution pumps and our Microdosing pump adding accurate doses of raspberry notes. 


The video below shows the QX120-DL Dilution pump which mixes concentrated detergent with water at a number of dilution ratios that have been achieved by simply changing the speed of the motor. The pump is connected to a syringe and has been clipped into a Low Flow Pump Range Evaluation Kit. It is possible to dispense the product at any desired ratio up to 500:1.


With such a range of pumps, there are also possibilities for brands to provide greater choice for the consumer via a dispenser than the selection they have pre-packaged off the shelf: for example, laundry detergent machines can contain a selection of separate fragrances where Quantex micro pumps dose droplets of fragrances chosen by the consumer into surfactant base products that are mixed during dispense. The consumer can also choose to have more or less fragrance as desired. Or a milk dispenser could add milkshake flavours that can be combined to make multiple recipes, as shown in the milk dispenser interface concept below:



If you are interested in exploring Quantex technology to power your bulk liquid refill equipment, please talk to us: Quantex.CustomerSupport@psgdover.com


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