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How to develop a customised drug delivery IoT platform with a running start – Quantex is featured in On Drug Delivery Magazine

Rachel An and Gillian Harding-Moore describe how to develop a customised drug delivery IoT device with a running start, using Quantex’s reference platform, powered by its precision micro-pumps. For accurate volumes, more compact equipment and real-time data, improving patient adherence feedback and freeing up hospital beds!

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We can now pump viscous liquids like peanut butter!

Now we can successfully pump viscous liquids up to 250,000 cP, like peanut butter, for example. Recent test results in our laboratories have confirmed that our LR20, BIB19, and even our LR13 pumps can successfully dispense liquids up to the consistency of Peanut Butter – which has a viscosity of around 250,000cP! The reason that […]

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How one Quantex single-use pump can save kilograms of single-use plastic waste!

With single-use plastic at the forefront of current global environmental concerns, at first glance, people may wonder how we sleep at night, selling single-use/disposable pumps…Surely the world doesn’t need more single-use plastic, right? …Well, it takes a little explanation, but the reality is that our pumps can actually have an enormous positive environmental impact on the way […]

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Fresh Blends®’ game-changing frozen drinks platform is “What’s hot, what’s cool, what works” at NAFEM

We visited NAFEM in Orlando last week and it was a fantastic show. Several of our global customers were showcasing their unique food and beverage dispensing machines. Each one has ground-breaking capabilities, enabled by our Quantex disposable range of pumps. One of our customers, Fresh Blends® supported by Multiplex, was featured in NAFEM’s “What’s hot, […]

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