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Auto-Dosing Detergents with Higher Concentrations

Easy-to-use, mess-free auto-dosing that is highly accurate, reliable and reduces maintenance.

Auto-Dosing Detergents with Higher Concentrations

It is possible to use far higher concentrations when auto-dosing detergents in washing machines with Quantex recyclable pump technology. See the video animation below that illustrates how this works:

Quantex precision pumps are so simple, lightweight and low cost to manufacture that they can comprise a part of the primary pack of detergent or fabric conditioner. With the pumps attached to the product, the entire unopened detergent bottle can be inserted straight into the machine without the risk of the consumer or launderette worker coming into contact with its contents. Currently, most auto-dosing machines require the user to pour an entire bottle of detergent and conditioner straight into a drawer in the machine; this means that formulas need to remain at safer concentration levels, and currently, only around 20 washes can be achieved per loading. The pumps are driven by a simple stepper or DC motor inside the machine, and this connection is made when the consumer slides in the pack. The pumps work on the principle of positive displacement with a rotary action and generate a high vacuum. They can successfully transfer highly viscous fluids up to 100,000cP against gravity, so there is flexibility in the positioning of the packs in the machine. Once the pack is inside, the washing machine automatically selects the correct amounts of detergents according to the wash cycle selected.

Because the pumps are replaced with every new pack, they remain accurate and reliable, and there is no need for calibration, reducing maintenance costs. Overall, it is a far cleaner solution, eliminating the need for the consumer to wash and unclog the trays from time to time.

Imagine having a bottle of detergent that lasts 100 washes or more, and all you have to do is load it in once and the machine does the rest. Then imagine that your machine automatically orders new bottles of detergents for you when they are nearly empty. We can envision this working well as part of a circular economy ‘cradle to cradle’ white-goods contract, where an IoT connected machine is rented instead of purchased by the consumer, and detergents form part of the rental package/service.

With Quantex pump technology, it is also possible to pump the surfactant base product separately from additives like fragrances, softeners, whiteners or stain removers. This provides greater flexibility for the machine to auto-dose depending on the demands of the wash cycle or the preferences of the consumer. If a person prefers less or more fragrance, for example, this choice can be provided.

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