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Game-Changing Dispensers for Alcoholic Beverages

Increase productivity, reduce waste, eliminate cleaning and replenish products with ease.

Alcoholic Beverage Dispensers for Increased Efficiency

There are many opportunities for creating game-changing dispensers for alcoholic beverages using Quantex recyclable pump technology: from self-serve cocktail mixing machines – diluting concentrates at the point of dispense, to bar dispensers that can accurately pump beverages from large bag-in-boxes below counter, or compact countertop dispensers that speed up production in a busy bar or pub. A Quantex pump driven dispenser can provide a compelling consumer experience, increase productivity, reduce waste, eliminate the need for cleaning and maintenance and make replenishing products quick and easy.

The precision pumps are so low cost to manufacture that they can be supplied along with (and already attached to) the beverage pouch, bottle or bag. When the supply runs out, you simply replace the pack with a new pouch/bottle/bag with a new Quantex recyclable pump attached. This means that no beverage fluids run through the fixed parts of the machine, and there are no reusable pump parts to disassemble and soak for hours, which improves hygiene and eliminates cleaning. Because the pumps are replaced with each new primary container, they never need calibrating, and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

The high vacuum capability of the pumps – generating up to -13psi- means that it is possible to pump product up from approximately two floors below and send it up twelve stories high, so there is great flexibility in the configuration positioning of the dispenser.

The pumps handle very high viscosities and therefore can accurately dispense high BRIX mixers. Diluting concentrates at the point of dispense means that we can reduce the shipping weight due to the reduction of water transported in the supply chain. It is possible to dispense beer/lager concentrates and dilute with carbonated or nitrogenated water directly within a Quantex pump for a drink that taste exactly like their brand of ready-to-drink beer/lager. Imagine no longer having to distribute heavy kegs and replacing them with small bag-in-boxes!

It is entirely possible to create a self-serve IoT platform that mixes cocktails and serves drinks with ice, that provides full real-time data and the ability to control each machine remotely. Please take a look at our soft drink frozen beverage IoT platform case study.

Make use of the Quantex Arc BiB-19 aseptic system to dispense alcohol from under a retail counter (where the liquid can flow against the force of gravity) to hide bulky apparatus or packets.

Below is an example of an alcoholic beverage dispensing from below counter using the Quantex BiB-19.

Aseptic dispense:  BIB with disposable pump, supply tube and valve.


Aseptic dispense: Font with wireless switch to pump.


Aseptic dispense: disposable supply tube with integral valve.


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