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Condiments Dispensing to Save Plastic Waste

Accurate volumes and high flowrates are easy with Quantex pumps!

Condiments Dispensing to Save Plastic Waste

Ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and sour cream are thick liquids, tend to be aggressive and are not the easiest fluids to dispense, but Quantex pumps can handle viscous liquids up to 100,000cP and accurately dose condiments with ease. They can also accurately pump particulates like those found in relishes and chutneys without any damage to particulates.

The Quantex pump is attached to the product’s primary container. When a product supply is finished, you simply take out the empty pack and replace it with a new bag and pump. During dispense the pump acts as an instantaneous check valve and helps to keep the sauces fresher for longer.  It is possible to add an aseptic valve to prevent bacterial ingress for increased hygiene, and the pumps can reverse cycle to prevent any dribble after each dispense. There is no need for any sauce to run through fixed parts of the machine, so no cleaning or calibration of the pumps is required. The pumps eliminate the risk of cross contamination, which enables the flexibility to load different products in and out of the same channels in the machine. For example, if certain sauces are more popular at different times of the day, they can very efficiently be swapped with no internal cleaning required. The addition of RFID chips to the pumps makes reloading of machines even easier: the machine instantly recognises the pack, displays the correct graphics and automatically programs the motor to run at the correct speeds to achieve the desired flow rate. A condiments dispenser can be a connected IoT platform which can record real-time data about which sauces have been dispensed at which times of day and when a product is nearing its end of life; promotions can also be automatically piped through to individual units if appropriate.

So, rather than using a laborious hand pump that produces inaccurate doses, you can use a touch-free dispenser that automatically doses your condiment for you. Whether it’s a front of house, back of house, or an ‘on the go’ dispenser, Quantex pumps can enable a hygienic, cleaning- and maintenance-free system that has better bag evacuation and dosing control, reducing waste and generating more revenue. We can also tackle the single-use plastic waste problem associated with the billions of non-biodegradable plastic sauce sachets produced worldwide.


Quantex BiB-19 pump dispensing tomato ketchup with accurate portion dosing


BOH handheld sauce dispenser: integrated pouch with pump


If you would like to talk further about creating a game-changing condiments dispenser using our technology, contact for more information.

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