Fresh Blends® Frozen Beverages Platform

Fresh Blends® supported by Multiplex® (A Welbilt® company) which is powered by Quantex recyclable pumps.

With our Quantex recyclable pump technology at its core, Fresh Blends®, supported by Multiplex (a Welbilt company), designed this ground-breaking, self-serve frozen beverages platform.

The pumps are attached directly to the liquid packs, and when a product supply is finished, it is simply replaced with a new bag and Quantex precision pump. Having a new pump on each liquid pack means that the pumps are completely reliable and accurate throughout the life of the pack, and the product remains sealed from contamination throughout dispense. This eliminates the need for calibration and greatly reduces manual cleaning regimes, so they are far easier to look after, and the cost of maintenance is significantly reduced. These attributes are largely responsible for its successful adoption across all the major US convenience store chains and current roll-out by several global retail brands.

The Fresh Blender’s refrigerated cabinet houses 8 x 7.6 litre BiB-19 pumps, with all natural and preservative-free flavours ranging from strawberry, mango, banana, mixed berries purees and lemonade, to yoghurt, cold-brew coffee, chocolate, vanilla and caramel. So, with combinations of 8 selected products inside the machine and the ability to blend ice in-cup, it is possible to create 600+ different recipes without any cross contamination! Examples of these are real fruit smoothies, yoghurt smoothies, drinks over ice, frappés, cold-brew coffee with different flavours, milkshakes, frozen chocolate combinations with fruit, etc.

The Fresh Blender® self-cleans automatically after each dispense and blending process. The high vacuum capability of the pump provides better bag evacuation which means more servings per bag and less waste.  Because the BiB-19 can pump particulates up to 4mm with no damage, purées can contain real fruit pieces and seeds and therefore, taste very authentic.

Each machine reports to a cloud service which is monitored and controlled remotely. Central operators receive real-time data about machine status, inventory levels, cleaning and sanitising, and it is possible to pipe through promotions if there is a surplus supply of a product that needs shifting or a certain product in a machine that is close to its sell by date. Retailers know how many products and which sizes are sold, at what time of day. They know when a product supply is low, is close to its sell by date and when the machine needs to run its automatic cleaning processes. Similarly, event and error logs can be submitted to service tech teams in case of an emergency.

We are proud to have a Fresh Blends machine here in our London Quantex offices, which is being used for demos to European customers, so please contact to arrange a demo, or if you are interested in our Quantex range of disposable pumps, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

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