Linstream/Cobell Juice Machine

Quantex Dilution Pumps Powering Linstream Juice Machine by Cobell

To accommodate our low-cost, recyclable Quantex BiB-19 dilution pump technology, Cobell has designed a countertop drinks dispensing unit called Linstream. The dilution pump was the focus of the innovation, facilitating the option to mix concentrated juice with water in exact ratios directly within the dispensing machine prior to delivery into the consumer’s cup or jug. The key improvements achieved as a result of this dilution technology are reduced water volumes in the distribution channel, improvement in the quality of the beverage, reduced cost of provision and reduced labour and complexity in operating the machine.

Similar to the Fresh Blender®, Linstream benefits from the pumps being attached directly to the liquid pack (in this case, single-use bags in reusable clam shells/cassettes). When a product supply is finished, you simply take out the bag and pump and replace it with a new bag and pump. In the Linstream machine, the liquid dispenses straight from the pump faucet so no fluid travels through the fixed parts of the machine, which means there are no lines to clean and the products remain sealed from contamination. This enables products to be swapped in and out of the channels of the machine without cross-contamination. Furthermore, the pumps never need calibrating, which in addition to requiring zero internal cleaning, greatly reduces the maintenance costs of the dispensers.

To enhance the convenience of being able to swap products in and out of the machine, RFID chips have been added to the dilution pumps. When a product is loaded, the machine instantly reads the pre-programmed information on the chip and sets the machine to display the correct graphics. It also instructs the motor to run at the right speed in order to dispense the product at the correct ratios of concentrate to filtered water. Quantex precision pumps handle very high viscosities so there is greater flexibility in the range of BRIX ratios which can be dispensed. Since Quantex pumps are operated by a simple motor drive with low torque, the machine’s configuration is simple and cost-effective, and the pumps generate low torque which keeps energy costs down.

The Quantex in-house engineering team supported Linstream’s development, providing evaluation kits, chassis design and connection point configuration, to ensure that Quantex pump technology was successfully integrated into the machine.

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