Quantex Arc BIB-19 dilution pump compatible with 1

In-Pump Dilution & Mixing

Dilution and mixing within the disposable pump

  • All liquid contacting parts are disposed
  • No cross contamination
  • Hygienic dispenser
  • No dispenser cleaning regimes
  • Clean dispensing

In-Pump Dilution & Mixing

The innovative in-pump dilution and mixer design has revolutionised the dispensing of highly concentrated liquids. For example, a 65% brix orange juice concentrate (consistency of honey) can now be precisely diluted and mixed within the Quantex BIB-19 Dilution pump. The in-pump dilution mechanism is also suitable for highly concentrated detergents, colourants and flavourings. Take a look at the demonstration video below:

Mains water is fed into the pump via a pressure regulator and solenoid. Water flowrate is thus controlled through a precise orifice in the pump. High viscosity concentrate is simultaneously pumped from the pack and combines with the water where it is thoroughly mixed by the mixer nozzle. The mix ratio can easily be adjusted by altering the speed of the motor which, in turn, modifies the concentrate flowrate through the pump. This means that with a pack recognition feature in the dispenser it is possible to put a variety of packs with different mix ratios in the same dispenser channel. The water supply flow rate stays constant and the motor speed is adjusted according to the recipe from the pack recognition software. This opens up the opportunity for multi-use dispensers. The dispenser can be used for fruit juice in the morning, coffee at lunchtime and alcohol in the evening.

All mixing occurs within the single-use pump eliminating the risk of cross contamination and simplifies cleaning regimes as no concentrate or diluted concentrate passes through the dispenser. See our system design page for more dispenser design inspiration.

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