Single-use medical pumps for precision dosing

  • Single use precision medical pumps
  • No motor drive software compensation required
  • Low torque to enable compact ambulatory devices

Medical & Pharmaceutical Overview

Quantex single-use medical pump is revolutionising the Medical and Pharmaceutical markets.

The Quantex medical pump can provide flowrates as low as 0.1ml/hr. Precision dosing is assured when dispensing through narrow cannula needles and with high viscosity fluids. The single-use pump can be integrated into the fluid pack or the delivery line. With consistent pump performance throughout the operating life of single-use delivery sets, and zero maintenance and calibration requirements, Quantex sets a new standard for medical and pharmaceutical dispensing.

The single-use pumps are also seeing applications on pharmaceutical manufacturing lines where the single-use pump allows quick fluid changes whilst eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. This is because the pharmaceutical container, pump and line are disposed of at the end of each manufacturing batch.

The single-use pump is also proving to be beneficial in the biopharma market: the gentle nature of the pump action reduces cell damage during the pumping process (compared to conventional pumps that squeeze tubes and generate shear forces).

The Quantex pump features of bi-directional flow, high vacuum and high pressure capability, and pulsate or continuous flow, facilitates greater innovation in system design. Low torque with a simple rotary action and a direct relationship between dose volume (total number of boluses delivered) and flow rate (speed of rotation) allows simple, compact devices to be designed.

Typical Quantex micro-precision pump applications:

  • Wound cleaning and irrigation
  • IV and subcutaneous drug dispensing
  • Aerosol drug delivery
  • Pharmaceutical production lines
  • Disposable pharmaceutical giving sets
  • Enteral feeding
  • Nebulisers
  • Ambulatory dispensers
  • Simple dispense systems for non-dexterous users
  • Self-priming medical devices – pumps air from system prior to dispensing liquid
  • Bio-pharmaceutical dispensing
  • Laboratory testing equipment
  • Assay and bio-reactor equipment


High accuracy
Precision pumping without need for motor drive software compensation.
Single usePump is designed to perform consistently over the pack volume with at least 5X safety margin.
Ease of useSimple dispenser interface for non-dexterous and first time users.
Adjustable flowrate and dose volumeThe flowrate can be easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing the motor speed. The dose volume is directly proportional to the number of revolutions performed.
Pumped PackagingPump may form part of the packaging and acts as the closure device when stationary.
No calibrationThe pump does not require calibration or maintenance.
Low power consumptionSuitable for battery operation.
Lock outA unique pump to drive interface can be designed to ensure liquid pack can’t be operated within a competitor’s dispenser or incorrect dispense channel.
Self-primingThe pump can dispense air, removing it from the system prior to dispensing the drug.
Medical grade plasticsPump components are moulded using medical grade plastics compatible with Grade VI devices.

See the video below of the CS-3 pen drive:

The CS-3 pump is dispensing from a syringe vial on the inlet to a needle set on the outlet. The pen-sized dispenser is powered using just 1 AAA battery.

Trumpet Curves for the CS-3 pump:



Trumpet-Curve-CS-3-last hour

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