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Continuous Flow IV Infusion Pump

For smoother, more comfortable drug delivery with the ability to micro-dose >1uL.

See Quantex Continuous Flow in action

Continuous Flow IV Infusion Pump

Our continuous flow pump takes away the pulsation that most pumps naturally generate, particularly with micro-dosing at low flowrates. Intravenous infusions are more comfortable with a smooth delivery, as patients can no longer feel the vibration of the fluid pulsing into their bloodstream.

Quantex pumps work on the principle of positive displacement with a rotary action, so, with each turn of the rotor, a bolus of fluid is delivered. Our standard micro-pumps can dose down to 1uL, which is the volume of one bolus. This makes it impossible to accurately dispense amounts that are smaller than a single bolus, because the volumetric output is proportional to the angular rotation of the rotor. With a continuous flow pump however, there are two rotations running at the same time which are out of phase with each other, therefore whilst one bolus is being emptied the next is being filled. This makes it possible to accurately dispense increments of a bolus, thus providing a more dynamic flowrate range, because now you can dispense at even slower speeds whilst maintaining performance at faster speeds.

The graph below illustrates the difference in fluid flow profile between a standard pump and continuous flow pump.


See the video below for Continuous Flow in action.

Quantex Continuous Flow Pump for More Comfortable Infusions

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