Quantex 4C Hi-Flo - Large Volumes Quickly and Accurately Delivered

All the benefits of Quantex 4C, with a larger flow rate range using the CS-6 pump.

Quantex 4C Hi-Flo: Higher Flow, Still Compact

Quantex 4C Hi-Flo was developed for the Quantex CS-6 pump, extending the flow rate range of the 4C Platform to 2.4 L/hr without compromising size – the device is still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This opens the platform to many other applications including bedside infusions and enteral feeding.

The CS-6 pump, like the smaller CS-3, uses the same simple rotary action positive displacement principle. This means you maintain the benefits of simple motor control, low torque requirement and a wide variety of communication methods to suit your requirements, however, you have the added benefits of higher flow rates.

The same device can be used for bedside applications in hospital settings, as by the patient at home. This is far more cost effective and easier for the patient to learn how to use the device. Spending less time in hospitals and more time self-administering at home is far more comfortable for patients, who will also largely be assured that their progress is being monitored by a healthcare professional in real time.

Integrating the Quantex CS-6 pump into a system for specific applications is easy and highly customisable. For example, the doctor can use his or her smartphone app to program the pump device using Near-Field Communication. The patient would then take the pump device home and start their infusions, using his or her smartphone app to interact with the device via Bluetooth. Information on any logged infusion events, adherence and patient experience can then be gathered for the doctor to remotely monitor and personalise treatments. Population data can be used by pharmaceutical companies for valuable business insight and post-market surveillance, as well as by insurance companies for value-based contracting.

Quantex 4C Hi-Flo features:

  • Flowrate: up to 2400 mL/hr
  • Max volume per single charge: 1.5 L
  • Pump: Quantex CS-6 pump
  • Pump weight: 5g
  • Device weight (including pump): 115g
  • Device Height: 85mm
  • Device Width: 52mm
  • Device Depth: 23mm
  • Connectivity: BLE, NFC, Internet (4G/LTN, Wi-Fi etc)


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