Quantex 4C – Versatile, Modular and Connected

Harnessing the strengths and showcasing the potential of the Quantex CS-3 pump


Quantex 4C: Optimised Reference Platform

The Quantex 4C system is a reference platform, providing a foundation for companies to build their custom connected systems with Quantex CS-3 pump technology at its core.

The simple rotary action of the Quantex pumps means flow is easily controlled with a motor: the speed of the motor controls the flow rate, and the number of revolutions determines the volume pumped. Furthermore, the pumps have a low torque requirement which means the device can readily be battery powered. Since the information required to control the pump is simple, different wireless communication methods can be used to transfer information to and from the device. This means that integrating the Quantex CS-3 pump into the system is easy and highly customisable to suit your requirements. The compact nature of the pump mechanism allows for many different forms, including ambulatory or wearable devices.

The Quantex 4C system consists of a reusable pump driver and Quantex single-use pump. The doctor uses his or her smartphone app to program the pump device using Near-Field Communication. The patient would then take the pump device home and start the infusions, using his or her smartphone app to interact with the device via Bluetooth. Information on any logged infusion events, adherence and patient experience can then be gathered for the doctor to remotely monitor and personalise treatments. Population data can be used by pharmaceutical companies for valuable business insight and post-market surveillance, as well as by insurance companies for value-based contracting.

Quantex 4C Features:

  • Flowrate: up to 110 mL/hr
  • Max volume per single charge: 100 mL
  • Pump: Quantex CS-3 pump
  • Pump weight: 2.4g
  • Device weight (including pump): 76.4g
  • Device Height: 73mm
  • Device Width: 35mm
  • Device Depth: 25mm
  • Connectivity: BLE, NFC, Internet (4G/LTE, Wi-Fi etc)

Find out more about our three Quantex 4C devices by viewing the following pages:

Quantex 4C Drug Delivery / Enteral Feeding IoT Platform Overview

Quantex 4C Lite – Up to 0.5mL/h

Quantex 4C Hi-Flo – Up to 2400 mL/h


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