Quantex 4C Drug Delivery / Enteral Feeding IoT Platform Overview

The Quantex 4C Drug Delivery / Enteral Feeding IoT Reference Platform exploits the ground-breaking capabilities/benefits of our unique and globally patented pump technology. Using our Series 3 and Series 6 precision micro-pumps, the platform consists of a range of three battery powered devices: “Lite”, “Mid-range” and ‘Hi-Flo” that can deliver doses from 1uL up to 2.4 litres per hour. Using a smartphone app, doctors can pre-programme devices, emergency staff can administer infusions on the go, patients can self-infuse in the comfort of their own homes, or nurses can deliver fluids in a hospital setting.

Here are 13 reasons why our single-use micro-pumps are revolutionising connected ambulatory care with Quantex 4C:

1. Comparatively Tiny Devices

Quantex precision micro-pumps are so compact, lightweight and uncomplicated that they enable significantly smaller pump devices for drug delivery, enteral feeding, vacuum etc. By using a positive displacement rotary action, and only one moving part and driven by a simple motor with low torque requirements, the pumps use less space and require less battery power than other commonly used ambulatory pumps like peristaltic or syringe pumps. So, the size of an entire device can shrink significantly in volume and weight, making a Quantex pump-powered device far more compact and comfortable for patients to wear/carry.

Quantex 4C Drug Delivery / Enteral Feeding IoT Device fits in the palm of your hand

Quantex 4C – Flowrates up to 110 mL/h

2. Low-Cost/Single-Use

The pumps are so inexpensive that they attach directly to the fluid pack, and easily and safely click in and out of the reusable device without compromising accuracy (like, for example, when a peristaltic tube has been stretched when inserted into a device). The pump is disposed of together with the pack when empty. This means that no fluid travels through the device which is reusable and re-chargeable by a patient. Furthermore, due to the simplicity of the electromechanics required to drive the pump, the manufacturing cost of the devices is so low that the entire device can be considered single-use per patient, thus saving costly retrieval, calibration and sanitisation expenses.

3. High Viscosities and Particulates

Quantex can handle high viscosities and pump particulates – ideal, for example, for pumping cells or for delivering a variety of textures for enteral nutrition.

4. High Pressure

The pumps generate pressures up to 13psi which means that they can pump viscous fluids against high back pressures – such as small-gauge hypodermic needles.

5. Additional Safety

A built-in sensor option provides a closed feedback loop to ensure that infusions / feeds are delivered safely.

6. Inert Materials

Quantex pump materials are compatible with most fluid types.

7. Improved Accuracy

Quantex pumps outperform peristaltic pumps for accuracy and reliability over time. This is due to their positive displacement design which doses fixed volumes (rather than squeezing a peristaltic tube which is inherently inaccurate and causes wear).

8. Flexible 4C Platform Capable of Large Volumes:

Quantex 4C is primary container agnostic so it will work with standard vials, syringes or bags. This means that the platform can be consistent across a number of applications, delivering significantly larger volumes of fluid if required – a capability currently rarely achieved by ambulatory devices.

9. Smartphone Controlled IoT Device

There is a strong industry demand to create connected devices that can monitor patients remotely and free up hospital beds, so Quantex 4C can be entirely cloud-based and connected. The doctor can pre-program a patient’s device and monitor data from the infusions remotely. Pharmaceutical companies can collect depersonalised data to gain valuable insight into patient adherence, and improve product, compliance and user-experience.

10. Continuity from Hospital to Home

Quantex 4C’s versatility means that it is possible for the same platform/device to be used both in and out of hospital. This is not only cost-saving, but will also help to improve patient adherence.

11. Brand Protection

The drug and the device can be a tied system for brand protection by creating bespoke connection accessories.

12. Patent Life

Quantex pumps currently hold over 74 global patents which means that, as a part of a drugs tied-in delivery system, they can extend the patent-life of any given drug/product.

13. Fast-Track a Connected Device to Market

Quantex 4C is a ‘reference’ platform. This means that the R&D technology will be available for participating partner companies to customise and fast-track their bespoke device to market. If you have a high volume application or set of applications and would like to learn more, then please talk to us. info@quantex-arc.com

Find out more about our three Quantex 4C devices by viewing the following pages:

Quantex 4C Lite – Up to 0.5mL/h

Quantex 4C – up to 110 mL/h

Quantex 4C Hi-Flo – up to 2400 mL/h

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