Custom single-use pump

  • Unique single-use pump design
  • Designed specifically for your application
  • Designed to fit your dispenser and packaging
  • Custom flowrate and resolution

Custom Pump

Bespoke pump designed for your unique application

Do you need a custom single-use pump? Quantex can design a custom disposable pump to suit your application. The pump will be designed to interface with your packaging, dispenser, manufacturing line and filling line. Quantex can provide the following services:

  1. Material compatibility investigation
  2. Full system design if necessary
  3. Pump to Dispenser design
  4. Dispenser to packaging design
  5. Aseptic dispensing systems
  6. Custom single-use pump design
  7. Math modelling
  8. Mouldflow analysis
  9. Full testing using in-house test laboratory
  10. Custom pump fittings including:
  •  Mixers
  • Valves and aseptic valves
  • Connectors and dry connectors
  • Foaming nozzles
  • Aerosol nozzles

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