Bag-In-Box pump range

The Bag-in-Box pump range has flowrates ranging from 1.5 – 41ml/s. The Bag-in-Box pump range is a direct replacement for a gravity-fed wine tap – its inlet is compatible with a standard Bag-in-Box (BiB) gland. The 19mm rotor carries 3 cavities each with a resolution of 0.5ml. A range of pump configurations provide in-pump dilution, valves and mixers on the outlet. Low-pressure and high-pressure pumps are also available. See the product range below for more details.

Previously known as the Series 19 range. Click here to learn more.

QX55-SD and QX55-HP

Bag-In-Box pump range dispensing from collapsible liquid pack

Disposable pump for BIB (Bag in Box)


  • Flowrate: 0 – 15ml/s (0.0.51floz/s) at 10RPS*
  • Inlet compatible with 1″ gland on BIB
  • 0.5ml resolution
  • Pressure regulated to <10psi (Standard pump)
  • High pressure pump <50psi option available
  • Outlet accessories available
  • Inlet vacuum: -12psi (Standard pump)
  • Various fittings available: see brochure

* Depending on the application, up to 20ml/s can be achieved by running the pumps at 13.3 RPS.

Download Brochure (341 KB)

Defeatured CAD


QX140-DL diluting 60% Brix OJ concentrate in-pump

Disposable pump with in-pump dilution


  • In-pump dilution
  • precisely mixes high concentrate liquids with water in any desired ratio from 1:1 to 1:30
  • 0-15ml/s concentrate flowrate at 10RPS
  • 0-60ml/s mains water flowrate
  • 75ml/s maximum combined flow rate
  • Various fittings available: see brochure

Concentrate Pressure: <30psig outlet pressure and  -13psi inlet vacuum

Mains Water Pressure: <30psig

Download Brochure (341 KB)

Defeatured CAD

QX150-HS (in development)

Recyclable pump with high-speed capability


  • 0.50ml flowrate at 1 – 27.5rps
  • Max flowrate of 149 L/hr or 2460 mLPM
  • Operating speed 1-27.5rps
  • Max pressure of 1bar
  • Rotor size – 19mm
  • Manages fluid viscosity up to 25,000cP
  • Operating temperature of 2-40°C
  • Various fittings available: see brochure
  • Easier recycling due to fewer mixed materials 

Download Brochure (475KB)

Defeatured CAD

Bag-In-Box pump range Evaluation Kit

Bag-In-Box pump range Evaluation Kit driving the Bag-In-Box pumps

Drive kit for the Bag-In-Box pump range

Comprises of:

  • Motor
  • Motor controller
  • Power supply
  • Motor to pump drive connector and chassis
  • Tablet computer with easy to use software
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Stand
  • Solenoid (mains water activation for dilution pump)
  • Shelf for BIB (bag in box)

Evaluation kit allows for the easy in-house evaluation of all Bag-In-Box pumps

Download Brochure (664kB)

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