Pump Drive Device

A fully integrated drive device for both pump evaluation and commercial use in production and laboratories. Compatible with two Quantex pump families: Microdosing pump (QX2-SD) and Low Flow pumps (QX25-SD and QX25-HP). Features stainless-steel body and a 7” colour touch screen for programming desired functions such as speed, flow, dose volume, self-priming, and reverse cycling.


Introducing the Q-Drive-Alpha with a demonstration of its easy-to-use user-interface.

Pump drive system for evaluation and commercial use


  • Plug and play, easy-to-use
  • Integrated driver and screen for direct control
  • Able to run both Microdosing and Low Flow Pumps (SD and HP models)
  • Select and change your flow rate as desired
  • Reverse cycle & self-priming functions


Download Brochure (647 KB)

Q-Drive-Alpha Manual (1.3 MB)

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