Series 6

The series 6 pump will solve your precision pumping needs for flowrates from 0 -1800ml/hr.  The 6mm rotor carries 3 cavities each with a volume of 22µl. This in-line pump features barbed connectors to attach tubing to the inlet and outlet. Alternatively, Quantex can provide a unique connector to suit the customer’s dispense system. It can be used in the medical, food, beverage, consumer and industrial markets. A micro evaluation kit consisting of a stepper motor, controller, easy to use software, chassis and drive shaft is available to allow in-house evaluation.

CS-6 Pump

CS-6 single-use pump

Micro-dosing disposable pump.


  • Flowrate: 0-1800ml/hr
  • Resolution: 22µl
  • Pressure: 2 bar
  • Fluid Viscosity: <1,400cP
  • Torque: <25mNm
  • Inlet/outlet: barbed connection to 2.5mm ID tubing
  • Weight: 5.67g
  • Dimensions: 39 x 24 x 18mm

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Micro-Evaluation Kit


Micro evaluation Kit driving the series 6 pump.

Evaluation Kit for Series 6 Pump


  • For testing and evaluating the series 6 pump
  • High resolution stepper motor
  • Custom motor controller unit
  • Tablet computer with easy to use software
  • Step-by-step instruction manual

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