Quantex pumps - single use

Disposable pumps for the Consumer and Industrial market

Quantex single-use pumps can be used for almost any application. Contact us to learn more or check out our product catalogue

Consumer & Industrial

Body care products, aerosols, detergents, paints, molding additives …. the list of products that can be dispensed by the Quantex pump is endless. See the table below for more examples of application areas.



Aerosol replacement*Body CareDetergents
FoamingHair productsAerosol detergents
Pump 2 liquids at the same timeFragrancesJanitorial detergents
In pump mixingBeauty productsHigh concentrated chemicals
In pump dilutionBeauty regimesHands free dispensing
Dry connect systems
ColouringWeed killerIndustrial washing machines
AdditivesPesticidesIndustrial dish washers
Moulding additivesPlant feederWhite goods dispensers
Spray paintsPlant watering
Marker paints
Automotive aftercare productsWashing Machine detergents and additive dispenser


*The high pressure pumps can create sprays using Mechanical Break Up nozzles (MBU).

The innovative pump can produce high pressures, high vacuum, high accuracy even with high viscosity liquids, varying temperatures and back pressures. The pump materials can be altered to suit the chemicals being pumped. The standard housing and rotor materials are Polypropylene and HDPE. A rubber seal is usually moulded from Nitrile but can be produced in chemical resistant Viton or EPDM if required.

Typical Dispenser implementation for the consumer market:

Gas-Free Dispensing and Atomising Concept:






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