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Precision Pumping

Precision dispensing over a range of:

  • flowrates
  • pressures
  • temperatures
  • viscosities

Precision Pumping

Precision pumping with Quantex single-use pumps.

The Quantex pump technology is founded on the principle of a fixed displacement rotary action – fixed displacement delivers high volumetric accuracy and the rotary action provides a continuous flow.  Fixed displacement is the result of the volume of the individual boluses on the rotor constrained within the pump housing. The pump design principal ensures that a precise volume of liquid is displaced for each revolution over a wide range flowrates, pressures and temperatures. No motor software compensation is required and dispenser becomes simply becomes a motor, motor controller and power supply. Typically stepper motors are used or DC motors with encoders to control speed of rotation (flowrate) and number of rotations (dose volume). The pump performance data can be reviewed in the respective brochures.

Quantex pumps are now available to purchase - see our product catalogue for more details

Product Catalogue


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