High Vacuum disposable pump

High Vacuum Pump

  • -13psi vacuum
  • Complete evacuation of the fluid pack
  • Packaging stays collapsed at pack empty for easy disposal
  • No tail off in dose efficiency as pack empties
  • See video of pump collapsing PET bottle



The single use Quantex pump can pull an impressive -13psi vacuum. This high vacuum capability revolutionises the positioning of the disposable pump in relation to the liquid pack. It can now be positioned above, below, to the side or even in another room!

The high vacuum single-use pump can self-prime by pumping air for short period of time at a low speed. Air is pumped from the liquid pack and tubing and is removed from the system prior to dispensing liquid.

100% dose efficiency is achieved from start to the end of pack due to the high vacuum capability with no tail-off in efficiency as the pack empties. The liquid packaging is completely collapsed at the end of pack with minimal fluid wastage and remains compact for disposal.

Bag Empty for BIB-19:


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